Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Relief" Shop Update Preview, Part II

Early Night Sky. Coral. Sterling silver. Enamel and watercolor on copper.

2 pair of tiny sterling silver bee wings.

Lapis Lazuli and Chrysoprase Fir Tree Earrings. Enamel and watercolor on copper.

Those Singular Kyanite Earrings from yesterday? On.

Carnelian Fir Tree Earrings. Enamel and Watercolor on Copper.

Blood Moon Earrings in Turquoise and Coral

Singular Magic Fir Tree Earring (just one, as the title implies). Carnelian. Coral. Enamel and Watercolor on Copper. Sterling chain.

The Blood Moon Seed Bead Earrings, On.

Cecil the Lion, Tribute Necklace. Prehnite. Brass. Sterling. Feathers for his journey.
The sun always at his back. 

A portion of his proceeds will be donated to a wildlife conservation effort,
just like the engraved bull elephant.

All of these treasures will find their way into the 

tomorrow at 5 pm Pacific time.

That's Wednesday November 18th at 5 pm.

With all of the love,

Monday, November 16, 2015

'Relief' Update, Preview Part I.

Faceted Sodalite (cabbed right here), brass and sterling silver stars, enamel and watercolor on copper moon. 

Singular Magic: Kyanite in fine and sterling silvers. Enamel and watercolor on copper crescent moon.

Singular Magic: Kyanite in fine and sterling silver. Enamel and watercolor on copper skyscape.

Lapis Lazuli rounds in sterling and fine silvers. Brass stars. Enamel and watercolor on copper moon.

Blood Moon Earrings: mother of pearl in fine and sterling silvers. Seed beads on brass. Organic brass hoops. Sterling ear wires.


These beautiful pieces in all of their intricacy and endless attention to detail. These pieces, made in my studio in all its hot and cold, these are my valentines to our new place in this world and particularly to the evenings and nights we've come to love in such a short time.

Relief. Everything out here feels like relief.

Soothing evenings where the wind whips in from the ocean to wipe the slate clean. This cooling was especially magical in the summer with its fire pit afternoons. 

As I was tucking Orion into bed one night (like every night)  I saw one of the dippers through his window. It was not dim or faint. In its brightness it winked at me and I exclaimed like a child, full of wonder and feeling like I'd half forgotten what stars look like away from a city sky.

Each little crescent or half moon of enameled watercolor was fired at least six-seven times. The process is long and rewarding. I am so grateful and excited to share this with you, these little sketches that stem from gratitude.

They were not made as an exception to challenge,
but as a love letter to the feeling of finding an oasis
after being parched for too long.

I'll be posting these to the 

along with several other tiny grand fir and sky sketches

on Wednesday the 18th of November at 5 pm Pacific time.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015


"If you could go anywhere you wanted to this morning, anywhere that would feel like a total luxury, where would you go?", she asked as we sat with our coffee.
It had become obvious through my mood and words that today was tough and felt a 
little drown-y.

"I woud take a left on Mines Rd instead of just driving into town," I said. 
She tipped her chin down and said, "Let's go!" We got our shoes on and 
turned left.

Music on, head clearing. 
Child with his million thousand questions. 
California unfurling like a blonde curl.

All around us, signs of the incredible drought. A mud-pit where there once was a lake,
docks sticking out into nothingness looking more like empty thrones
than a place to tie a boat.

Oak leaves to collect, words to scatter as only three-year-olds can.

Still, the relief and still the ache.

As much as I want to put the blame on what surely must be hormones
and fatigue I know that the lion's share of what hurts today
is less those things and more the peculiar storms that happen
when someone who completes you 
goes home

Home to their beautiful and challenging life,
leaving you to your own likewise prismatic situation.

It was all enough,
the wedding of the century (oh our beloved bride!!!!),
the clarity of conversation,
the entire length of the country outside the plane windows...

But just as anyone who loves will tell you,
one more day is all we ever want
on an infinite loop


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Prison Break

For the last nearly nine years of running SunnyRising I ruled my space with a statement that has turned out to be wildly untrue:
"If the outside is messy, the inside is messy, too"

If the space is a mess, so is the brain of the maker.

Here I am, knee deep in what appears to be clutter and chaos and I am thriving.
The total tidiness myth was a prison.

Though clean single-purpose surfaces are something I don't feel like I can ever give up (hygienic packaging table, frequently swept floors)
I have let everything else be what it is right now.
Metal forms abound.
Cabbed rocks spill out of drawers.
Abundance is alive.
If it eventually smothers something important
then there'll be time to 
make it better.

I don't put everything away when I'm done using it.
This means I don't have to get it out again when I use it tomorrow.


For almost nine years
I have thought an artist needed a beautiful space
to make beautiful things.

In order to appeal to that part of myself that still believes, I have built a spaceship (thanks, Robin)
of beauty and relative order
and from the cockpit I can look upon the vastness of the shop
and feel both the safety of my vessel and the spaciousness of 
what's possible.

It's working.

I'm working.
He's working. 

I am learning that it doesn't have to be precious.
I am getting the hang of letting things hang.

I am blowing raspberries at my Perfectionist and hoping
that she'll see the humor in my heart
and the lightness in my step

That everything is saying, "Come along!"
with a sweep of the arm
and a dirt-smudged cheek.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ring and Necklace Preview

I am not messing around: this is a serious influx of serious gems and metalwork.
I have never been more in love with a collection of hours and sweat spent making.
The new space did it: I blame a friendly ghost and seeing into the rafters.

The gifts of the coming autumn have been many. I slowed down some.
I cleaned up some bad habits I'd indulged in for too long.
I got really clear about what mattered.

I have so much to show you, I think you can feel this good place in the work,
it resonates.


Blue Opal Orb Weaver Valentine Necklace with Untreated Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Carved Coral Roses. Brass chain connectors, hand fabricated. Hammer Engraved web.


Ammonite Postcard Necklace with Minnesota Garden weed and Jacaranda Frond.
Little Collages from the places I love.

Baltic Amber and Chrysoprase Orb Weaver Valentine Necklace. Hammer Engraved. Oxidized sterling chain fringe. 

Royston Hammer Engraved Orb Weaver Ring

Botanical Ring. Hammer Engraved.

Holy Bones Ring. Soft Faceted Howlite, cabbed by me. Feather impression and Chicken Wishbone Band. Size 6.

Dainty Kingman Turquoise Ring. Hammer Engraved, deeply carved. Size 6.25

Full Moon Ring. Watercolor and enamel on copper. Fine Silver Bezel. Dragonfly band. Lavender impressions. Size 7.5

Holy Bones Ring in Labradorite. Striated Golden Flash. Chicken Wishbone Cast Band. Size 8.25

Surrounded by all of the beauty a smaller California country town affords,
egged on by a large and unpretentious workspace
I hammered and sweated and soldered and set happily.

I really look forward to offering this work up to the world 

tomorrow at 5 PM Pacific time.